Startup Stash is a curated directory of resources and tools to help you build your startup.

Startup Stash is the easiest way to find resources and tools that can help you while building your startup. Get inspired and build awesome stuff using the 400 resources and tools that are indexed on this site.

Because, when you’re busy conquering the world, you should be able to easily discover the best tools for the stage your startup is in right now.

By who?
Startup Stash was created by Bram Kanstein. Made with some help of Len KosterYvo SchaapBastiaan ZwanenburgMike van Hoenselaar and, of course, the internetz.

Is it free?
Yeah buddy! Startups ain’t got no money yo. Startup Stash is free to use and updated on a regular basis.

Are the tools and resources ranked from 1 to 10 in any way?
Nope, all resources are awesome, the ranking is totally random and it’s up to you to decide which tool or resource is best for your startup.

Where does the content come from?
The content on Startup Stash’s product pages comes from different sources. The main sources are the Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ descriptions of the resource/tool, sometimes combined with content from CrunchBaseAngelList and Wikipedia.

I know about a resource that would be a great addition to Category X
That’s great! Please fill out this  and we’ll check it out!

I got other stuff to say!
If you have any feedback, questions or high fives, please send them to hello@startupstash.comor tweet @startupstash.

Any bonus tips?
Be like Ari, conquer that sh*t (Entourage)